Belig and Garbh-Bheinn






1125m (3,690ft)


9km (5.5m)


walking : 4:10hr*, running : 2hr
 *Naismith's rule : 4km/h distance + 600m/h ascent

Main route summary

These two hills rise above the ground between the inlets of Loch Slapin to the south and Loch Ainort to the north. They are linked to Marso and Blaven via connecting ridges, however it is more practicable to do them just as a pair.

In true Skye style, heather and grass lower down give way to a rocky ridge higher up on Garbh-bheinn. Belig contrasts this with a grass covered summit, along which a wall runs. Both summits give superb views of the surrounding area and peaks and the route described requires little effort and only occasional scrambling higher on Garbh-bheinn.

start/finish On A87, 3km sw of Luib
(grid ref : NG534268)


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easy Some easy, exposed scrambling higher up difficult
easy Difficult in mist testing
easyAn enjoyable afternoon outlong day
ok Full frontal of Cuillin Ridge stunning
meanings Garbh-bheinn :
  'rough hill'
Belig :
  'Birch bark or thick-lipped'
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Getting there
  • The starting point is from a long lay-by on the A87, 15km west of Broadford.
  • Near the lay-by, the Allt Coire nam Bruadaran tumbles down the Eas a'Bhradain - a spectacular waterfall below Marsco which is popular with tour buses.

  • Leave the lay-by, cross the road and onto the south side of the Allt Coire nam Bruadaran. The ground is heather clad, undulating and probably fairly sodden, however persistance pays off with a path gradually appearing.
  • Faint at first, the path becomes more distinct as progress is made up Druim Eadar da Coire.
  • Twisting to avoid a few rocky outcrops, the path climbs onto the spot height at 489m, where a line of fence posts is met to follow down to the col before the climb up Garbh-bheinn.
  • From the col, the climb ahead immediately steepens and becomes rocky and appears quite daunting further up. However, there are no real problems, just one or two scambling moves up some rocky sections.
  • The small grassy summit gives spectacular views in all directions.

  • Heading directy for Belig will bring you to a sharp drop.
  • Instead from Garbh-bheinn's summit, aim east down a few paces and pick up a scree covered ledge. The ledge beomes finer and reaches the bottom of the afore mentioned sharp drop.
  • From here on, just pick a route down the screes to the bealach between Garbh-bheinn and Belig.
  • At the bealach traces of a wall aid navigating up the shoulder ahead.
  • The initial climb of scree and boulders gradually give way to a grassy crest. The wall becomes more defined and is followed to Belig's summit, again with superb views in all directions.

  • Turn north and follow the grassy crest, gradually loosing height.
  • At around c450m, a rocky escarpment inhibits process, however this can easily be avoided by heading north-west down scree-runs to the grassy ground below.
  • The ground flattens and further on the grassy gives way to heather, deepening as more height is lost.
  • I found no paths to smooth progress through the tussocky ground to return following the Abhainn Ceann Loch Ainort back to the to the road.

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