Navigation skills for hill runners

Just south of Edinburgh are the Pentland Hills. These are predominantly gently rolling hills, covered in grass. There are several races held in amongst these hills and runners use the area to train. But there's also lots in there to catch out the unwary and therefore an ideal location in which to build navigation skills.

At a glance

  • A two day navigation event is aimed specifically at hill runners and run in conjunction with Scottish Hill Runners
  • Get to grips with maps and compass and learn to navigate in mountainous terrain while running
  • Topics covered include mountain-marathon route planning, hill race preparation, nutrition, staying safe and much more.
  • Have some fun sharing the experience in a small group led by an experienced mountain runner and leader.
  • Explore some Pentland hills, discovering all is not what first seems !

Dates and booking

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General info

This two day event is aimed at runners wanting to develop the skills to be able to navigate with confidence on mountainous terrain while running.

The small class size allows navigation topics to be covered in depth and be thoroughly put into practice on the hill by everyone.

On both mornings this event begins with sometime in a 'classroom' surrounding. We'll then head out int othe Pentlands for the practical parts of the course.

Our maximum guide to client ratio on this event is 1:6.

Outline of trip

Day 1 : Getting the basics right

Looking at maps, compass, pacing and timings.

Day 2 : Building on our skills

Lots of running around today having fun !

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Trip photos

On Allermuir summit
Running on Capelaw Hill
Below Black Hill
Above Glencorse
On Capelaw Hill
Running to Allermuir

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