Pricing and group sizes

Scheduled events (cost per person per day)

Cost per
Max group
Standard hillwalking day £50 6
Long hillwalking day £65 6
Day involving Grade 1 rock-scrambling £65 6
Day involving Grade 2 or 3 rock-scrambling £75 4
Half day navigation £40 6

Bespoke events (cost per group per day)

Cost per
Max group
General hiking and backpacking £250 6
Rock-scrambling days £250 4
Climbing days £300 2

Gear hire

  • Ice-axe and crampons £10 per day (or £5 per item).

  • Backbacking gear incl rucksack, sleeping mat, cooking equipment and tent is £15 per night. Tent only is £10 per night.

  • Bike hire can be arranged with local agents, typically £20 per day including helmet, lock and spare inner tube.

A 'standard day' is a day expected to last up to 7 hours, a 'long day' is more than 7 hours. The above group sizes are a maximum, some events will dictate a smaller guide to client ratio. For more information on how we grade our events, click here.

Upcoming events

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