Winter skills course

Join us for a winter skills course based in the Cairngorms and around Drumochter, where you'll learn the hill skills needed to go winter hiking with us in the Scottish mountains.

At a glance

  • A winter skills course designed for the summer walker keen to aim onto the Scottish hills in winter.
  • Over two days we'll introduce and develop the basic winter skills required to get the most out of mountain hikes with snow and ice.
  • Winter navigation, forecasting and safety are amongst the many topics covered.
  • Learn how to use an ice-axe and crampons and the techniques of self arrest.
  • Find out how to deal with wind-chill and snow injuries.
  • Discover how avalanches happen and examine snow and ice structures.
  • Join a small group led by an experienced leader with a good knowledge of the wildlife, flora and geology.

Winter 2016-17 dates and booking

Our events for winter 2016/17 have now finished.
Dates for winter 2017/18 will be posted on our website in autumn.

General info

A winter skills course based in the Cairngorms and held over two days with one of our experienced and qualified leaders. The course aims to build your knowledge and give you confidence to hillwalk in the Scottish Highlands in winter conditions.

Your friendly guide will have a thorough knowledge of the snow covered areas that we'll be hiking and working in and be able to give you insight into the flora and fauna.

Our maximum guide to client ratio on this event is 1:6.

Outline of trip

Day 1 : Winter introduction

Learning new skills on Cairngorm's snow covered slopes

Day 2 : Winter mountain hike

Consolidation day on high Cairngorm mountains in winter

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Trip photos

Sliding about in the Cairngorms
Traversing ice in Drumochter
On Ben Nevis
Winter skills in the Cairngorms
Digging in the Cairngorms
Winter skills above Glenmore

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