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Navigation Skills in the Pentlands

10 February 2109
A navigation skills course held in the Pentlands run on a chilly Sunday morning.. Steven Fallon was leading....

Our group met at our office in Argyle Place in Edinburgh on a bright and chilly Sunday morning. The group by chance was all female and they all seemed to bond fairly quickly as a team. In our 'classroom....

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Winter Skills in the Cairngorms

9-10 February 2019
Winter Skills event over 2 days in the Cairngorms led by Richard Kermode. Richard Kermode was leading....

The weather forecast was pretty dire for Saturday and the start of a winter Skills weekend. I met up with Sharon, Rob, Dave and Maryam in driving rain and cold strong winds to kit everyone out and make sure w....

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Winter Skills in the Cairngorms

2-3 February 2019
Two days of Winter Skills based in the Cairngorms.. Johnny Walker was leading....

Our Winter Skills weekend got off to a really good start, given that for the first time for a long time, everyone presented themselves in suitable winter B2 or above boots. Awoohoo! That said, one person didn't present himself with ....

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Cairngorm and Ben Macdui

2-3 February 2019
Two days of guided winter mountain hiking in the Northern Cairngorms bagging Cairngorm and Ben Macdui.. Richard Kermode was leading....

There had been a lot of snowfall this week and as we set off from the ski centre at Cairngorm our plan was to head out to Ben Macdui and then come back over Cairngorm on the retu....

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Winter Skills in the Cairngorms

19-20 January 2019
Two days of Winter Skills based in the Cairngorms. Johnny Walker was leading....

After some very unseasonal, wet and mild weather over the Christmas period and beyond, trying to teach winter walking skills had become an object lesson in creativity, imagination and bloody mindedness. It was with some relief theref....

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Cairngorm, Ben Macdui and Winter Skills

4-6 January 2019
Two days hiking up Cairngorm and Ben Macdui and practicing Winter Skills. John King was leading....

Looking at the MWIS forecast prior to Friday’s walk, there was a hint that, while a thick layer of cloud would envelop most hills, there would be a temperature inversion in place and the highest summits of the Cairngorms....

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