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14 November 2015
Glenfinnan - the first real snow of the season !

Heading up Duncan, Stevie and myself were heading for the two Munros above Glenfinnan - Sgurr Thuilm and Sgurr nan Coireachan. We met early at the car park, daylight had just arrived. A mixed but improving forecast meant we took a leisurely start to our day, opting to walk rather than bike it up the road to Corryhully bothy - that saves on the phaff of getting bikes on and off vehicles ! Deer checked us out as we strolled past, the rutt having finished, so no roaring to disturb the peace. The bothy was quiet with no evidence of recent activity - were we going to be the only ones on the ridge today ?

Icicles Up the rough track behind the bothy, the hydro works now finished since I was last up here. Up this track, I knew there was a river to cross and had primed the guys for the possibility of wet feet with all the rain and snow that had recently fallen. But we were pleasantly surprised at the low level of it and we bounced over the stepping stones to the other side. Onto the hill path, we passed small patches of snow as we gained height. At around 500m, that was us on snow proper, soft and easy underfoot. The path twists around the first minor summit and climbs steeply, we considered getting our axes out for this, but just clambered up making good steady progress. Ah, a fine view from the top of this, but not on the summit ahead, mist was holding on. Some more clambering and we were on Sgurr nan Coireachan's summit, sheltering behind the cairn for some lunch.

Heading up The mist broke as we began our descent eastwards following a line of posts, some great views northwards to Sgurr na Ciche and the Rough Bounds. We could see some deer in the Glen below by a bridge. Over Meall nan Tarmachain, Meall Garbh and a series of bumps, we reached the last pull up Sgurr Thuilm. Up to this second Munro, this was Stevie's 200th Munro and Duncan was down to 99 to go on his 3rd round ! A hi-5 and a quick snack while we took in some of the vast views.

Icicles The mist came in as we descended Sgurr Thuilm, but quickly lifted once we were on Druim Coire a'Bheithe, the south-western spur. We could see more deer again by the bridge - does the estate put feed there ? Stevie put a spurt on, Duncan and I trotted behind. Beyond the bridge, one stubborn stag was eyeing us up !

Back to the bothy, we stopped one last time in the failing light for a snack - the bothy has electricity, a luxury ! The estate lodge above us was lit up, and a car was moving around in the glen.

Head torches on, or rather Duncan and I just let Stevie show the way with his 700 lumen blaster ! Stevie wanted a pic of the viaduct for his daughter, with a beam shining up we got a ghostly shot !

Back to the car park, we were well chuffed with our outing. Snow was lovely to walk on again, wind was just a strong breeze at worst, no rain and some cracking views ! And as we had met no-one all day, we had the hills completely to ourselves - bliss !

More photos on Flickr !

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