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1-2 April 2016
April, and Spring has arrived in the Pentlands. Time to get out on the hills and brush up on the Navigation. Steven was leading two days with different groups and in very different conditions.

photo 1 On Friday, I met up with Mark, Bill, Angela and Kendon at the Pentland Outdoor Centre. A couple of hours were spend in the centre's meeting room and we went through lots of the theory surrounding navigation. After a break for lunch, it was onto the hills.

A fair wind had picked up, but it was thankfully dry - we sheltered behind the ski centre as we re-sectioned and planned the route to Allermuir. This was a determined group, as once we finished everying and practiced lots, they still wanted more ! Allermuir summit was our goal, inspite of the wind !

photo 2 Saturday's weather was kinder ! Today our group was double the size of yesterday and we (Graeme, Tracy, Ann, Violet, Kirsty, Chris, Kirsten and Fiona) met as yesterday. Everyone took to the theory quickly and once some new compasses were purchased in Craigdon Mountain Sports we were out on the hills.

No need to shelter out of the wind today, we put our plan into action and off we went. The beauty of this northern hills in the Pentlands, is there's so much going on in such a small area - coires, crags, forestry and man-made points (which are never where they should be). Everything covered and practiced, like yesterday our group wanted to get to the summit and once there were rewarded with fine views over the Forth and beyond.

A few more photos are up on Flickr.

Our next event is in May, info here : up on Flickr.

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