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Fannichs Munros

1-3 July 2017
An extended guided weekend, hiking over 9 Munros surrounding Loch Fannich in the north-west Highlands. Emma and Steven were leading, here's their tale...

Day 1 - Eastern Fannichs

We had 6 people for this day, so Emma was leading solo.

Wild, wet and windy sums up our first day on the Fannaichs. We began the day with a brighter start than expected, but this didn't last and had soon deteriorated into a day of low cloud and strong winds. As we conquered the steep climb up An Coileachan, we headed into mist and lost visibility.

After an early lunch on An Coileachan, we made use of the excellent stalkers path which runs across Meall Gorm and were able to savour a windless half mile when the path dropped onto the eastern side of the mountain. Back into the westerlies we battled up Sgurr Mor and dropped back to the excellent stalkers path which winds it's way across to Beinn Liath Mhor. Finally the cloud cleared and rain stopped and fine views were enjoyed by everyone. The increasingly strong winds cleared the cloud fully for the descent which gave a good appreciation of where we were as we returned to Loch Droma.

It wasn't the most pleasant day on the hills, but a sense of achievement was definitely felt by everyone.

Day 2 - Mid Fannichs

There were 8 people for this and the next day, so as we like to keep a small guide-to-client ratio, Steven joined.

An improving forecast saw the group meet up with Emma and myself in the long layby on the 'Destitution Road'. Kit sorted and a little chat about the day plan, we then headed down the estate track and over the bridge crossing the outflow of Loch a'Bhraoin. Emma had been told about a second bridge that crosses the Allt Breabaig, not marked on any maps and we went in search of this - there had been a bit of rain overnight, so avoiding a troublesome river crossing sounded like a good idea. We found it hidden amongst some trees, quite an old bridge and a bit ricketty !

Once crossed, it was a pleasant slog uphill, no paths, just a case of of aiming south-east. The summit of Meall a'Chrasgaidh was reached in good time and after a short break we continued onwards. The wind was blowing, funneling across the bealachs, but suprisingly and to our delight, on the narrow crest of Sgurr nan Clach Geala it disappeared. Up to the remains of the trig point on the summit and time for a few photo poses.

At the col between Sgurr nan Clach Geala we left our sacks for the short detour up Sgurr nan Each. Fine views were savoured, and fun was had picking out and identifying distant peaks !

Returning to the col, we picked up our gear and aimed downhill over wet grassy slopes in search of the stalker's path below aside the Allt Breabaig. It's a long walk out, further down we opted to jump the boulders to cross the river rather than detour to the bridge.

Day 3 - Western Fannichs

The forecast for our final day in the Fannichs looked good - gentle breezes and possibility of some sun !

We started as yesterday, over the bridge by Loch a'Bhraoin, then this time aimed directly up the nose of Leitir Fearna. It's wet to begin with, then steeper uphill some easy scrambling was enjoyed. Onto the plateau higher up, we traced a faint path southwards avoiding the marsh and bog. Finding the rough path on the western side of Druim Reidh, we reached the col between A'Chailleach and Toman Coinnich. Time for some food !

Since our next section of the route was a there-and-back, rucksacks could be left at the col. It does feel liberating, though slightly cheating at the same time ! The summit of A'Chailleach was reached as the mist came and went.

Returning to the col, we picked up our sacks and hiked around Toman Choinnich to the col below Sgurr Breac. Decisions were made about our descent route, settling on a return over Leitir Fearna rather the the long haul out by Allt Breabaig. This meant we could again leave our sacks for a there-and-back up our final Munro in the Fannichs. Much hilarity on the summit posing for photos.

As we returned to the col, we were first met by a couple and their cute bordge-collie, then by another guy romping up the hillside. Suprisingly few folk on the hills this weekend. We retraced our steps back down Leitir Fearna and to the roadside.

A great weekend with good company on some fine hills !

More photos by Emma and Steven are here on Flickr.

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