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An Teallach

28 August 2017
A guided day in late August up the Munros of Sgurr Fiona and Bidean a'Ghlas Thuill on An Teallach. Emma was leading....

A wet and windy day was forecast with conditions to improve later in the day. An Teallach or the Forge as it is also known, is one of the finest mountains in the country. Unfortunately today we weren't going to see its best side. With high winds forecast we opted to approach by Corrie Toll so as to be sheltered from the southerly winds by the ridge heading east from the highest Munro Bidein a'Glas Thuill.

After finding our way through the maze of rhododendron bushes at the roadside we were soon climbing beside a waterfall. Heavy rain the day before had filled the burns and there was a torrent of white water rushing down from the mountain. The cloud base was quite high, at above 900m, although the visibility wasn't the best, everyone appreciated the grandeur of the corrie as we were walking up towards the ridge. As we climbed higher the noise of the wind as it circled around the corrie head wall was very impressive, if not a little daunting for some of the group. The wind on the col was very strong, but this is often the case, and after a hundred metres across the mountain we were a little more sheltered and able to continue upwards.

We used a good path to gain the summit, and although we weren't rewarded with views we felt very happy and very wet too! After some sustenance we set off along the ridge towards Sgurr Fiona, the 2nd Munro, and at one point were rewarded with a brief view down towards the impressive corrie loch which sits below the pinnacles. The views didn't last but it wasn't long before we reached the second summit. It certainly wasn't the day to tackle the pinnacles and happy with our journey we retraced our steps back towards Corrie Haillie. The cloud based dropped and rain got heavier on the way, but at some point when we were back by the waterfall the improving conditions arrived and we were able to look back and see where we had been.

More photos by Emma and some of the group are here on Flickr.

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