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Navigation for Runners

10-11 March 2018
Weekend navigation event for hill runners held in the Pentlands and on behalf of Scottish Hill Runners. Steven and Olly were leading, here's Steven's tale....

It's early March, the ideal time for hill-runners to brush up on navigation skills before the race season starts. Scottish Hill Runners had asked us to put together a weekend event to skill up 12 hill-runners on their navigation skills and here's how it went....

Day 1

The forecast for the Saturday was pretty poor, Sunday was much better. The original plan was for a classroom session on both mornings, with the afternoons taking us outside. As the group gathered in the Flotterstone Inn, and with rain and mist outside, Olly and I debated tweaking the days, with all the classroom parts done on the Saturday. Introductions made, we got into learning - maps, compasses, timings and much more covered. Then checking outside, weather was turning for the better - back to the original plan !

After a break for lunch, we aimed out into the Pentland Hills. Lots of practice as we checked the land-features around while we progressed uphill. Some exercises took us up onto the summit of Capelaw Hill for a final trial to 'follow on a bearing' - alas conditions deterioated, so a quick retreat back to base. Ollly and myself were to put the final few control points out for tomorrow's mock-mountain-marathon, but the cold and windy weather told us not to !

Day 2

Sunday's weather looked much better. Olly headed into the hills to put out the remaining check-points for the afternoon event, while I met up with the group again to go through more theory. By 11am we'd finished and time for a quick break and to get really for outside. Less layers needed today, the sun was even out ! Runners away, I swept. I caught up with runners here and there, smiles most of the time. Views were good, a fair bit of snow still covering much of the hillsides. The last of the runners were back to Flotterstone by 5:30.

A great weekend in some challenging conditions. Hopefully everyone will have learnt lots and had some fun !

More photos by Steven Fallon are here on Flickr.

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