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Bespoke hiking days in the southern Cairngorms

1-6 July 2018
Bespoke hiking days in the southern Cairngorms. Steven Fallon was leading....

Day 1 - Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor

Mick and Veronica had already been out a few days hiking by the time I met them on a warm Wednesday morning in Braemar. They'd hiked Mount Keen, Dreish, Cairn Toul, the Devil's Point and much more. Today we were aiming for Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor and I was joining them along with Mick's brother Chris.

Bikes on the back of the cars, we drove to Linn of Dee (it's now £3 to park for the day, the organic toilets have been temporarily replaced with port-a-loos). On bikes, a gentle cycle took us to White Bridge where several Duke of Edinburgh teenagers were relaxing in the sun before their walk back to civilisation. Leaving our bikes here, we hiked up Beinn Bhrotain, stopping several times on the way to take in the vast views.

Over to Monadh Mor, we opted to leave our rucksacks at the col between the Munro summits - yup, it feels slightly naughty, but liberating at the same time ! The walk along Monadh Mor's vast summit plateau was a delight, the sun beaming down, and on the way and we said 'hello' to the only other person we saw on the hills all day who was coming in the opposite direction.

Placing our rucksacks at the col meant that we would return the same way we came up, though we did try and pick a grassy line avoiding much of the boulderfield on Beinn Bhrotain.

Day 2 - Glas Tulaichean and Monadh Mor

For our second day together, we were aiming for Glas Tulaichean and Carn an Righ - two of the most southerly Cairngorm Munros. No cycling today !

We drove down from Braemar together and up the private road to Dalmunzie Hotel - a lovely old hotel in beautiful scenery. It costs just £2.50 to park, well worth it, considering it cuts out 4km of walking on tarmac.

We followed the farm-track past the ruins of Glen Lochsie Lodge and all the way to the summit of Glas Tulaichean. It was slightly cooler than yesterday, a breeze persuading us to put long-sleeve tops on occasionally. After posing for a few photos on the summit, Veronica opted to call it a day here and return back down the track to the hotel. Mick, Chris and myself instead headed down the grassy slopes north of Glas Tulaichean to the foot of Carn an Righ. We were beginning to meet people, not many, but nice to see we weren't the only ones enjoying hiking in the sunshine. By a small lochan, we left our rucksacks and hiked uphill - Mick timed us, it took only 17 minutes to reach the cairn on the top of Carn an Righ !

Back down, rucksacks retrieved, we followed a rough path towards Loch nan Eun, then down Gleann Taitneach. The bridge over this river is out, but fortunately river levels were very low due to the continued hot and dry spell.

Two great days in fine company. Mick, Veronica and Chris were off to bag Ben Avon the next day before returning home.

More photos by Steven Fallon are here on Flickr.

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