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Mull recci

24 July 2018
Steven was on the Isle of Mull, doing a recci of Ben More via A'Choich.....

Ben More is Mull's solitary Munro mountain. The obvious way up is via the 'tourist route' which begins from Dhiseig on the southern shore of Loch na Keal. In fine conditions, the route is straightforward, which is why a guided hike up this is not in our calendar of events. But, take in the lower peaks of A'Choich and possibly Beinn Fhada and the route is much more challenging.

I've not been on A'Choich for possibly the best part of a decade, so with contemplating putting a trip into our calendar, time to give this a re-visit.

The first challenge was how to get to Mull. Most people will hop onto the Oban-Craignure ferry, however, with coming from the north-east, I chose to take the Craignure-Fishnish ferry. The journey to this ferry is a delight, beautiful scenery and quiet roads. A cafe by the jetty saw me refreshed waiting for the boat to arrive.

On Mull, I landed and drove the short distance to Dhiseig. I decided to do the route anti-clockwise, up the 'toursit route', descending the rough stuff and walking out by the waterfalls. A good forecast was bring folk out, with the car-park by Dheisig chocko. The path climbs gently over grassy ground to around 700m, from where a path zig-zags up through scree and boulderfield. Lots of folk were out, including families with young kids - the excitement for their first hike ! Mist was down on the summit, just the last 100m of ascent or so.

From the summit heading east and away from the crowds, it's immediately onto more techical terrain, it feels a bit like the Cuillin of Skye - not as fearful, just how the rock was coloured and ho it loosly fell away. And the route is not obvious, not initially at least. There's a bit of choice and much zig-zagging to descend to the top of a wide chimney. Careful footwork to get below this, then things ease up. Over A'Choich, the grassy summit is a welcome break before more rough descending to reach the col before Beinn Fhada. I opted to descend from here, picking a route on faint ATV tracks to pass some lovely waterfalls and return to the roadside.

Yup, a superb route and hopefully we'll get it in the calendar for next year.

More photos by Steven are here on Flickr.

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