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Strathfarrar Munros and Maoile Lunndaidh

3-4 November 2018
Two days of windy guided hiking up the Munros above Glen Strathfarrar and Maoile Lunndaidh above Loch Monar. Richard Kermode was leading....

The weather forecast for the weekend was looking pretty wild so the days on our itinerary were swapped around to hedge our bets for reaching our planned summits.

Day 1 - Maoile Lunndaidh

I met up with Mark, Arthur, Andrew, Stephen and Raymond in the car park at the entrance Glen Strathfarrar having already arranged our access through Mountaineering Scotland. It was a lovely surprise to see the estates have been repairing the road so the potholes are now much less of a problem though there are still some along the way.

As we set of past the Monar dam for the wonderful walk in to Maoile Lundaidh we managed to complete 100m before needing full waterproofs which would remain on for most of the day. The winds weren’t too bad along the wild Loch Morar and we made excellent time to the lower slopes of the mountain. The burns were in full spate so after our last bridge we took a more direct route uphill to avoid further crossings.

It was squelchy underfoot, but the strong group meant we made good progress up, eventually meeting some of the stronger winds. Shelter was a rare thing so when we found some we made use of it though the summit was often clear as we climbed the ridge revealing that most of the snow from the last few days had thawed already with today's milder temperatures. We worked hard to get through the windiest part of the route amidst some fierce gusts before reaching the wild summit and calmer conditions.

It wasn’t the weather to linger and we were soon back down the ridge on our sheltered spot for the rest of our lunch. As we began to head back to the Loch side the weather really came in with fierce 50mph winds and driving rain making for a tough hour of waking over the pathless hillside. As we reached the bridge back to the good path the weather cleared up and we even spotted three golden eagles hunting as we enjoyed the long walk back to the cars.

Day 2 - Strathfarrar 4

After yesterday’s success the weather forecast looked like the winds were going to be worse today although it would be largely dry and bright. This time we left a car at each end of the planned ridge walk and set off up an excellent stalkers path into the sunshine.

We were blown uphill a few times, but on reaching Sgurr Fhuar-thuill the winds weren’t too bad so we continued our traverse of the Strathfarrar Munros. It was a lovely day and we were enjoying views in every direction as we drifted along the beautiful ridge and up Sgurr a’Choire Ghlais. Before we knew it, we were having lunch halfway along and even catching some sunshine with some Ptarmigan below us.

There were still some violent gusts of wind as we crossed the boulders summit of Carn na Gobhar and at the last beallach on the way up our final summit Sgurr na Ruaidhe. We sat in the shelter by the summit for some food and drink and a wee celebration since it didn’t look like we would manage all our planned summits in the weather forecast, but we had given it a chance and been lucky.

It didn’t take long to descend back into the Glen and retrieve the cars for the drive out to finish another great adventure in Glen Strathfarrar!

More photos by Richard Kermode and Andrew Pennill are here on Flickr.

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