Glenshee Munros, 29-30 August 2020

A blog post from one of our mountain adventures in the Scottish hills and mountains. A weekend of guided hillwalking, bagging the 9 Munros surrounding Glenshee. Richard Kermode was leading.

Glenshee Munros

Day 1 - East of Glenshee

Where to start it was a busy start to the first day in Glenshee as we joined a conga line heading up towards Carn an Tuirc our first Munro. I was walking with Emma, Andrea, Jen, David, Frank and Ross. It was very windy and fairly cold with some sharp showers, but as the conga line broke up it got really wet and wild for a time so the layers were on and waterproofs! It was poor visibility on the top and after a quick chat everyone was up for all six Munros so we broke off the path and headed out into the mist for Tolmount.

As we walked and talked we startled a short-eared owl chasing voles at 1000m I’ve never seen one that high before! As we emerged onto Tolmount the weather cleared briefly with some good views and we had lunch in the old ruins below the summit. Tom Buidhe is only a short walk away and we started to meet more walkers from every direction not to mention the countless mountain hates we were spotting running in all directions too. It was still very windy and we didn’t linger long before heading back over to Carn of Claise to enjoy some views of all the summits we had climbed so far. Another sheltered spot for more food before the cloud engulfed us yet again and we were on our way to Glas Maol the highest summit of the day. Everyone was still going strong and as we left the top the cloud cleared to reveal Creag Leachach our last hill for the day. The banter was flowing as we wandered out into the strongest winds of the day. Luckily it stayed dry and we had the summit to our leaves in the sunshine. A hard return into the wind saw us reach the Glenshee Ski area as the next shower caught us though as we walked by the road to our cars we soon dried out. A classic Scottish day!

Day 2 - West of Glenshee

Our second day was an easy stroll in comparison and we were on top of Carn Aosda after 50mins with views opening up nicely. It was much more overcast today but all summits were free of cloud and we were wandering along with grouse everywhere as well as lot of walkers. Glenshee was very busy this weekend. Once on the summit of Carn a’Gheoidh even the high Cairngorms we’re clearing and we enjoyed a relaxing break before wandering over to the popular Cairnwell for a windy lunch looking over at our hills from yesterday. It was a much more gentle walk and as we returned to the car park a plan for some refreshments at the cafe was agreed on and we sat in the sunshine outside with some coffee and cake. A perfect finish to the weekend.

More photos by Richard Kermode are here on Flickr.

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