Sgurr Bhreac from Loch a'Bhraoin

Fannichs in the Northern Highlands

Routes on Sgurr Mor, An Coileachan, A'Chailleach & neighbours

The Fannichs form a long chain of peaks in the high ground above Loch Fannich and south of Loch Glascarnoch and Loch a'Bhraoin. The two dominant mountains in the range, Sgurr Mor Fannich and Sgurr nan Clach Geala sit at the heart, with the other peaks spreading out like fingers on a hand. Sgurr Mor Fannich shows one of the best examples of solifluction lobes and errosion in the country. This used to be a remote area, but hydro schemes and ever-encroaching wind farms seem to be taming the wilderness.

Main route summary

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Regardless of approach, it takes some effort to get onto the main ridge of the Fannichs, but once up, progress for the most part is easy while following paths over grass.

The main route here attacks the Fannich Munros from the north beginning at Loch Glascarnoch and ending at Loch a'Bhraoin. A fine alternative is to head up to Fannich Lodge on the private road by bike and bag the peaks from the south - this also allows for the possible inclusion of Fionn Bheinn in a very long day's circuit.

Should you wish easier options, then the nine peaks can be bagged in bite-size chunks from the north - these routes are described in 'Alternative Routes' below.

As mentioned, Fionn Bheinn can be done with the main Fannich group from Loch Fannich, however most people will find bagging it on its own from Achnasheen is a much easier option and this route is also described in 'Alternative Routes'.

Munros An Coileachan (923m, Munro 266)
Meall Gorm (949m Munro 215)
Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich (954m Munro 209)
Sgurr Mor (1110m Munro 43)
Meall na Crasgaidh (934m Munro 243)
Sgurr nan Clach Geala (1093m Munro 53)
Sgurr na Each (923m Munro 267)
Sgurr Breac (999m Munro 138)
A'Chailleach (997m Munro 144)
Fionn Bheinn* (933m Munro 246)
Corbetts Beinn Liath Mhor a'Ghuibhais Li* (766m)
 *See 'Alternative Routes' below
Ascent 2900m (9,500ft)
Distance       35km (22m)
Time walk : 13:30hr*, run : 7:30hr
*Naismith's rule : 4km/h distance + 600m/h ascent

Start   Loch Glascarnoch
(grid ref : NH280741)

Finish   Destitution Road
(grid ref : NH163760)


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An Coileachan : 'little cock'
Meall Gorm : 'blue hill'
Sgurr Mor : 'big peak'
Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich : 'big grey hill of Fannaich'
Meall a'Chrasgaidh : 'hill of the crossing'
Sgurr nan Clach Geala : 'peak of the white stones'
Sgurr nan Each : 'peak of the horses'
Sgurr Breac : 'speckled peak'
A'Chailleach : 'the old woman'
Fionn Bheinn : 'white hill'
Beinn Liath Mhor a'Ghiubhais Li : 'big grey hill of the coloured pines'

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