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Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions. Not sure of something, or have a question, then chances are you're not the first. Have a look at the questions below and hopefully you'll find an answer.

How much does a day hillwalking cost ?

Our 'open' events range in cost depending on the activity and the group size. On multi-day 'open' events, cost for a person start at around £50 per day, whereas for single-day 'open' event, prices start at £69. For 'bespoke' guiding, cost per person can be as low as £42 for 6 people booking as a group. Have a look at our pricing structure for more information.

How fit do I need to be and what experience is needed to join a group on a scheduled event ?

To help you choose an event that's right for you, we try to categorise our events into different levels. These categories are divided not only by the distance covered and height ascended, but also by terrain expected. Against each level, we suggest a minimum experience and level of fitness. On all of our events we like to take a pace appropriate to our group, with time to take in views around.

More information can be found on our How we grade our events page.

If you have any doubt of the suitability of an event for you, do give us a phone and we'll be delighted to advise.

Can I book onto just part of a multi-day event ?

You may want to join an event for perhaps just one or two of the days days and not the full event. If this is the case, simply book onto the event as normal and, in the booking form under a section entitled "Any notes to add to your booking ?", tell us which days you are interested in.

If you are booking onto part of a multi-day event with the aim of completing a particular route or bagging specific peaks, please be aware that we may need alter the event itinerary to suit weather conditions and you therefore need to have some flexibility on days (see 'What happens if weather turns bad ?' below).

Please note that we don't offer any discount for booking onto part of a multi-day event.

An event says 'Bookings closed' - what does this mean ?

As our events book up, we like to keep people aware of how many places are available. 'Places available' against an event typically means there are at least 3 places remaining.

If an event has 'Bookings closed' this means we're not taking any more bookings, most likely because the event is less than a week away and we need some time to finalise the event. If this is the case on an event you're interested in and you really want to get booked onto the event, contact us and we'll try to help.

Do events require a minimum number of bookings to go ahead ?

Our events that have a guide to client ratio of 1:6 typically need a minimum number of 3 people for them to go ahead. Events that have a smaller ratio (eg 1:4 or 1:3) usually only need two people to confirm. It is extremely rare that we cancel an event based on low numbers, but if we do, we aim to contact affected people around a fortnight prior to the event taking place and we will refund in full all money paid (see 'What happens if you cancel an event ?' below).

Do events include accommodation or meals ?

We don't include your accommodation or meals. This is because we tend to find that clients often want to stay in different types of accommodation - some want to make a holiday and splash out, others want something basic like a hostel and some people prefer the comfort of their own campervan or tent. We therefore suggest nearby accommodation on each event page, these are based on recommendations made guests on previous events.

On most events we'll also set up a 'Whatsapp' chat group which will help you contact others to find out where they're staying.

There are some events that do include accommodation and this will be stated on the relevant event page, eg the Knoydart Munros 4-day event.

Can you pick me up from my accommodation ?

We try to help as much as possible and if we can, we will try to pick you up from your accommodation. There will be a daily charge for this to cover fuel and wear-and-tear, typically a minimum of £20.

On most events we'll set up a 'Whatsapp' chat group which will help you contact other participants to organise car-share. Please note that our expertise lies in offering you great guided adventures in the mountains and not in providing transport or accommodation - ultimately it is up to participants to arrange their own transport.

What happens if I have to pull out of an event ?

If you pull out of an event more than 28 days before it goes ahead, we'll refund you the amount paid minus booking deposit (£50). If you pull out of an event 28 days or less before it goes ahead, we cannot return any fees paid. We do not offer credit towards future events in place of a refund.

More information can be found on our booking terms page. You can take out holiday insurance to cover yourself for this possibility.

What happens if you cancel an event ?

Regardless of the reason, if we have to cancel an event, you will be refunded in full.

If we have to cancel part of an event, we will charge only for the days that go ahead and refund the difference between this and the full cost of the event.

We will try and give a fortnight's notice, but as weather can be unpredictable, it may be less (see "What happens if weather turns bad ?" below). We cannot be held liable for any other costs you have occurred, eg accommodation, travel expenses etc. More information can be found on our booking terms page.

What happens if weather turns bad ?

We check the forecasts in the weeks and days leading up to an event and usually make a final plan 2 days prior to an event. We aim to stick to the original plan as stated on the event page, however weather may dictate otherwise and if we have to cancel an event, you will be refunded in full. If we decide forecasted conditions look fine and we proceed with an event as planned only to find that weather changes on the event, we will make an alternative plan. On multi-day events, this could simply be a case of changing the order of the days. On specific days, this could involve altering the route or changing the venue. Equally, we would be delighted to extend a day if conditions and group fitness allow. More information can be found on our booking terms page.

Can I bring my dog on a hillwalk ?

The answer to this depends on a few factors. Your dog must be kept under control at all times and not trouble wildlife or farmstock. At certain times of year there are areas which will not be accessible with a dog due to bird-nesting or farming activities. Have a look at the Outdoor Access Code and Dog Walking.

There are also certain events that we do not allow dogs on, including events involving rock-scrambling, climbing or back-packing.

If you are thinking of bringing your dog along, please let us know. This will also enable us to ensure that there is no-one on the event who objects, or suffers from an allergy to dogs.

Can I bring my child on a hillwalk ?

For most events the minimum age is 16 and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We do not take anyone under the age of 18 on long demanding days or on days involving rock-scrambling or climbing.

Can I buy a gift voucher as a present for someone ?

Sorry, we don't do gift vouchers. You can book someone else onto an event, but we do need some basic information for insurance purposes and you would need to ensure this is correct and up-to-date.

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