Glas Bheinn from the Lairig Unapool footpath

Glas Bheinn from the Lairig Unapool

Hillwalking route up Glas Bheinn from the Lairig Unapool

Starting from a height of 250m, this short walk up rough terrain leads to Glas Bheinn's summit from where views are quite stunning.

Route outline


Glas Bheinn

Ascent 530m (1730ft)
Distance 6km (4m)
Time 2:25hr
Start/finish Lairig Unapool
Grid Ref : NC283285
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Glas Bheinn, a Corbett, is the most north-westerly peak in a long and wide line of bouldery quartzite ground that is dominated by Conival and Ben More Assynt and ends further south on Breabag.

To the north-west of Glas Bheinn is Quinag in between which the ground drops to a bealach, Lairig Unapool, at around 250m. Being able to drive up to here, leaves an ascent of just 530m to Glas Bheinn's summit !

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Route description

1. Getting to the Lairig Unapool

Glas Bheinn from Lairig Unapool

Glas Bheinn from Lairig Unapool

The easiest approach begins from the highest point on the road between Inchnadamph and Kylesku.

On the A894 between Inchnadamph and Kylesku and 1km north of the Quinag car-park and just beyond the road's highest point, there is a small road-side lay-by beside a Right-of-Way sign pointing a hiking route to Glen Oykel via the Eas a'Chual Aluinn, the highest waterfall in the UK.

2. Glas Bheinn

Approaching Glas Bheinn summit

Approaching Glas Bheinn summit

From the roadside, follow a soggy path eastwards across moorland as indicated by the Right-of-Way sign.

After around 200m the path comes to a junction - turn right(south) and follow a more obvious path for 500m as it climbs up a gentle incline.

You should come across a small cairn at the side of the path. This indicates the point to leave the path and head up a faint trod through grass and heather directly uphill. This trod becomes a little more distinct as it aims for a steep grassy bank between Glas Bheinn's northern screes ahead.

The ascent steepens with the faint path twisting and turning, eventually topping out by a small cairn at around 520m on Glas Bheinn's north-west shoulder .

By this cairn, turn south, cross a short section of boulderfield and you should then be able to pick up a fairly obvious path. Ahead and above, the rim of Coire Dearg curves and a small cairn can be seen high up - this isn't the summit, but it's not far from it.

Follow the path over more patches of boulderfield interspersed with grass as it gradually climbs up a few inclines onto Glas Bheinn's wide and flat summit plateau. The little cairn seen earliier sits at the northern edge of the summit plateau from where there are some amazing views to be had.

Glas Bheinn's summit is around 350m south-east of the little pile of stones, where there is a large stone cairn to shelter behind and out of winds. Stunning views in all directions from here !

3. Return

Returning to cairn above Coire Dearg

Returning to cairn above Coire Dearg

Return by same route..

One of these days I'd like to aim from Glas Bheinn over to Conival and Ben More Assynt and head back to the road via Breabag and the 'bone caves'. Looks a lot of boulderfield to contend with and transport to be arranged to avoid a long walk back along tarmac.

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Ascent : 1150m (3770ft)
Distance : 13km (8m)
Time : 5:10hr

Assynt Munros from Inchnadamph

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Breabag and the Bone Caves

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