Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis

Guided ascent of Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis

We're climbing and scrambling up 'Tower Ridge' on Ben Nevis, probably the most renowned climber's route on the mountain's North Face. The exposure is sensational as we move across the narrow crests and negotiate The Tower and Tower Gap. With challenging rock, and some intricate navigation, having a guide who knows the ridge inside-out is the best way to conquer this route.

At a glance

  • A guided day rock-scrambling up Tower Ridge, the classic climb on Ben Nevis
  • Clamber up the ridge, a summer Grade 3 rock-scramble and 'difficult' grade rock-climb.
  • Cross the Great Chimney and Tower Gap
  • Options include returning along the CMD arete, or better still, descending Ledge Route
  • Reach superb vantage points from where vast views can be savoured.
  • Be led by an experienced mountain guide who knows the 'Ben' extremely well.

Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis
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General info

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Rock-scrambling to Grade 3 and moderate rock-climbing.

This day event is a guided rock-scrambling and climbing day on Tower Ridge on the North Face of Ben Nevis in the Central Highlands with an experienced and qualified mountain guide.

Your guide will know Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis's North Face and its other routes well and will also be able to give you insight into the flora, fauna and geology.

Maximum guide-to-client ratio on this is 1:2.

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Trip photos

On Tower Ridge
Heading up from the CIC Hut
On Tower Ridge
On Tower Ridge
Al Halewood on Tower Ridge
Tower Ridge from Ben Nevis summit

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