Mullach an Rathain

Mullach an Rathain, Liathach

Westerly Munro peak on Liathach

Mighty Liathach is at the centre of the Torridon Giants and is impressive mountain of sandstone terraces that rise directly from Glen Torridon. Mullach an Rathain is the westerly peak on the mountain overlooking Loch Torridon below.

Mullach an Rathain

Meaningsummit of the row of pinnacles, the grey one
ListsMunro, 108
LocationTorridon, Applecross, Coulin and Torridon
Grid RefNG912577
Lat/Lon57.5608, -5.49298

Routes up Mullach an Rathain

Liathach in Torridon

Liathach, "the Grey One", is situated in the heart of the Torridon. The most dramatic of the Torridon Giants, its slopes are composed of terraced sandstone, above which the highest peaks are topped with quartzite blocks. Forboding on first aquantiance, there are however some chinks in Liathach's armour which has allowed rough routes to develop over time.

Peaks : 2 Munros

Ascent : 1280m (4200ft)
Distance : 6km (4m)
Time : 3:40hr

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