Moidart's Corbetts from Arisaig

Moidart's Corbetts

Hillwalking route up An Stac, Sgurr na Ba Glaise and Rois-bheinn

South-east of Loch Ailort, the three rugged Corbett hills of An Stac, Sgurr na Ba Glaise and Rois-bheinn form a compact group of peaks, easily hiked in an afternoon.

Route outline



Sgurr na Ba Glaise, 

An Stac

Ascent 1475m (4830ft)
Distance 12km (8m)
Time 5:30hr
Start Ailsary Burn
Grid Ref : NM742800
Finish Roshven Farm
Grid Ref : NM721785
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Sitting on grassy terrain, the craggy Moidart Corbett summits of An Stac, Sgurr na Ba Glaise and Rois-bheinn are suprisingly easily attained.

This delightful circular climbs up from the shores of Loch Ailort, starting from Ailsary Burn and dropping to Roshven Farm some 3km away. Alternative approaches can be made from Inverailort to the north or from Glen Moidart to the south.

Access on the lower slopes is on pathless and generally wet grass and rush covered ground. Higher up walls aid navigation, but paths are faint and few and far between.

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Route description

1. Getting to Ailsary Burn by Roshven

Leave a bike at Roshven Farm !

Leave a bike at Roshven Farm !

The A830 travels from Fort William to Mallaig, and as it approaches the sea, there is the junction with the A861 by Lochailort Hotel. Around 4km south-west of the hotel and junction, there is a bridge over Ailsary Burn by the shore of Loch Ailort, with access tracks either side heading into woodland.

There is space for a couple of cars just on the north side of the bridge over the Alisary Burn. Another couple of spaces are just to the south of the southern access track.

The route ends by Roshven Farm, around 3km to the east of the start point, therefore having a bike or arranging a lift will save a walk along the road at the end of the day.

2. An Stac

Wall by Ailsary Burn

Wall by Ailsary Burn

Not the easiest of starts ! Heading in from either the south or north access tracks will encounter gates with warning signs of livestock. From my last visit, beyond the gates, approaching from the north will encounter sheep dogs (though all chained up) and from the south, a couple of horses. Both of these approaches lead to a bridge over Ailsary Burn , on the south side of which, a faint path works a way around some concrete pens.

Around the edge of a fenced-off field, follow the faint path through birch woodland to a gate and head through it. The path now fairly indistinct, climbs gently over wet and slippy ground tracing the edge of a forest. Fallen trees need negotiating on the way !

The fence turns south-east and at around an elevation of 200m the forested area comes to an end . Leave the forest and continue east uphill for another 150m of ascent over wet grass and rush.

The ground levels and a wall is met - follow it as it crosses onto the east bank of the River Ailsary and continues south-eastwards. When the wall crosses back onto the west bank of the burn , leave it and make a direct ascent north-east up a grassy bank climbing An Stac. No difficulties should be encountered and the southern crest of An Stac is reached .

Summit of An Stac

Summit of An Stac

Turn northwards and climb the final 100m of ascent up a grass-covered slope onto An Stac's rocky little summit with only a small pile of stones guised as a cairn. Excellent views all around !

Summit of An Stac

Summit of An Stac

3. Sgurr na Ba Glaise

Sgurr na Ba Glaise from An Stac

Sgurr na Ba Glaise from An Stac

From An Stac's summit return along the crest , then aim generally southwards, zig-zagging to avoid occasional rocky outcrops and reach the bealach above Coire na Cnamha

Instead of meeting up with the wall again, drop slightly south-east onto a damp grassy area . Cross the flat area and climb up steep grass-covered ground between rocks up to Bealach an Fhiona .

Looking up from Bealach an Ghiona to Sgurr na Ba Glaise

Looking up from Bealach an Ghiona to Sgurr na Ba Glaise

Now on the crest between Rois-bheinn and Sgurr na Ba Glaise, turn south-eastwards and follow a faint path through grass to the foot of Sgurr na Ba Glaise. With a fairly steep slope ahead and perhaps keeping to easier terrain slightly to the south of the crest, climb just over 100 metres to reach the flat summit of Sgurr na Ba Glaise with a few stones on a rock marking the top.

Looking up from Bealach an Ghiona to Sgurr na Ba Glaise

Looking up from Bealach an Ghiona to Sgurr na Ba Glaise

4. Rois-bheinn

Rois-bheinn from Sgurr na Ba Glaise

Rois-bheinn from Sgurr na Ba Glaise

From Sgurr na Ba Glaise, about-turn and return to Bealach an Fhiona .

Climb up a gentle grass covered slope ahead and meet up with the wall travelling up from Coire na Cnamha

Following the wall, grass quickly gives way to bouldery ground as ascent steepens, though much of the boulderfield can be avoided by switching between sides of the wall.

On Rois-bheinn's summit looking to the west summit

On Rois-bheinn's summit looking to the west summit

The ground levels and the highest point on Rois-Bheinn is reached. A small summit cairn sits by the wall on the summit - the trig point is no longer !

On Rois-bheinn's summit looking to the west summit

On Rois-bheinn's summit looking to the west summit

5. Descent to Roshven Farm

Rois-bheinn western summit cairn

Rois-bheinn western summit cairn

Leave Rois-bheinn's summit and continue following the wall westwards. Some bouldery ground is encountered on the drop to the ground between Rois-bheinn's tops, followed by a pleasant hike up grass to reach the westerly top .

Uninterupted and stunning views can be had from the western top where a well constructed cairn sits - almost if it was designed for people to sit and take in the views for hours.

Continue following the wall westwards and not long after leaving the cairn, the wall turns sharply southwards. Leave the wall at this point and descend the crest of Rois-bheinn's western shoulder. The shoulder's drop steepens, but never too much and is grass-covered for the most part.

Track down to Roshven

Track down to Roshven

A small dam on the Allt Lagan a' Challtuinne is met, from where a rough, steep track can be followed down to Roshven Farm and the roadside around 3km west of the start point.

Track down to Roshven

Track down to Roshven

6. Alternative route from Glen Moidart

Glen Moidart

Glen Moidart

On the A861 at the head of Loch Moidart, drive up the unclassified road eastwards for 3km to the road end. There is parking at a hammerhead, where a sign denotes the private access to Glenmoidart House.

Opposite, another sign marks a wet path which leads up to a fine track which is followed for 2km to a bridge over the River Moidart.

Cross the bridge and shortly thereafter pick up a path aiming in the direction of the ruin at Assary.

Beyond this ruin, on grassy and pathless ground, follow the Allt an Fhiona uphill to Bealach an Fhiona and pick off the three Corbett peaks as described above.

Total ascent : 1550m, total distance : 19km, estimated time : 7:20hr

7. Alternative route rom Glenshian Lodge

An Stac and Rois-bheinn from Loch Ailort

An Stac and Rois-bheinn from Loch Ailort

Just south of the Lochairlort junction, and over Ailort Bridge, a minor road heads east. There is a welcoming sign here with a list of phone numbers to find out the stalking situation during September to October. Drive past a large fish farm towards Glenshian Lodge, there are various places to park.

Continue on foot along the road towards the lodge, then on a track, head around it. Pass a boat-house and house, then a stone shed where the track turns sharply south.

Shortly after the shed is a junction in the track from where you can take either route. Turning left will take you along a wet track past an interesting walled graveyard and around the north-east side of the bump of Tom Odhar. Alternatively, continuing straight on will take you past a Scots-Pine forest to a couple of old out-buildings, from where a wet faint path heads east around the south side of Tom Odhar.

Once past Tom Odhar, reach the Allt a'Bhuiridh and cross it by the hydro dam. Aim more or less directly for Beinn Coire nan Gall, turning around some minor rock outcrops on the way.

From this top, drop slightly, pass above a lochan and climb up Druim Fiaclach. South-west next, follow the crest of the hill to Bealach an Fhalaisg Dhuibh and up An t-Slat-bheinn, passing more lochans.

Once Sgurr na Ba Glaise is reached, hike to Rois-Bheinn then to An Stac. Aim north from An Stac and drop to the bealach before Seann Chruach, then head east to drop to the Allt a'Bhuiridh and follow it back to the path to return to the fish farm.

Total ascent : 1600m, total distance : 16km, estimated time : 5:10hr

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