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East Highlands & Cairngorms

Mountain hiking routes on Scotland's Eastern Highlands

The finest hill-walking and scrambling routes in the mountains of the Cairngorms and Scotland's Eastern Highlands.

Hill walking routes in the Eastern Highlands

Hill walking routes in the Eastern Highlands of Scotland are listed below starting from north and working southwards.

Nearer the bottom of the page is a table to help you find routes by distance, ascent, difficulty of terrain, quality of scenery and even by Munro and Corbett count.

1 - Glen Feshie and Rothiemurchus

In the heart of Rothiemurchus, heather and juniper cover the lower slopes, upper ground is flat and featureless, fortunately some good paths and tracks help ease navigation to the Munro summits of Sgor Gaoith and Mullach Clach a'Bhlair.

2 - Braeriach, Cairn Toul and west of Lairig Ghru

West of the Lairig Ghru, high plateaux above cliffs and coires will test navigation skills. Rewarding views, particularly from Braeriach's summit.

3 - Ben Macdui, Cairngorm and east of Lairig Ghru

Vast plateaus with Artic tundra, hidden lochans, long narrow crests, dark corries and weird granite tors.

4 - Ben Avon and Munros east of Lairig Laoigh

Unusual summit volcanic tors sit on vast plateaux and above an area full of wildlife. Good estate tracks and fine paths from most directions make for easy access.

5 - Mount Keen and Mount Battock

Recent path work have made access to these summits a delight. A bike is recommended for either approach up Mount Keen.

6 - Lochnagar and around Loch Muick

Mighty Lochnagar and its neighbouring Munros encircle Loch Muick in the south-east Cairngorms. The famed dark coires of Lochnagar are favourite winter climbing areas.

7 - Above the Angus Glens

With fine paths and short distance, Driesh and Mayar above Glen Doll make for a good introduction to hillwalking. The day can be extended to include Tolmount and Tom Buidhe, returning by 'Old Jock's Road'.

8 - Glenshee

There are 9 Munros above the Glenshee Ski Centre. You could pick them off over a few days on short routes, or combine them into one big outing, perhaps running them part of the Glenshee 9 hillrace. Either way, the terrain will test navigation skills, particulary if in mist.

9 - Glen Ey

Encircling Glen Ey, south-west of Braemar are 5 Munros including mighty Glas Tulaichean and remote Beinn Iutharn Mhor. Lots of route options to get lost in the rolling hills and lonely lochans of this area.

10 - Above Geldie Lodge

Above the old ruin of Geldie Lodge sit heather clad round hills. A bike is recommended for the approach

11 - Atholl, Tilt and Bruar

Fine tracks reach Beinn a'Ghlo and its neighbours. Navigation skills are tested on the summit plateaus

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Hill routes in the Cairngorms and Eastern Highlands by category

Locate routes by ascent, distance, quality of scenery, effort needed or even Munro and Corbett count using the table below.
Sort multiple columns simultaneously by holding down shift key and clicking a second, third or even fourth column header!

Mountain Area     Route Ascent    
Terrain+ Scenery Munro    
Glen Garry to Braemar Atholl and Beinn a'Ghlo 2850 42 5 1
Glen Garry to Braemar Beinn Vuirich 860 20 - 1
Glen Garry to Braemar Beinn Dearg (A9)* 1150 30.5 1 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Carn a'Chlamain from Glen Tilt* 1060 25 1 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Beinn a'Ghlo 1350 20.5 3 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Above Glen Ey* 2050 40 5 -
Glen Garry to Braemar An Socach from Baddoch* 610 14.5 1 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Glas Tulaichean from Spittal of Glenshee* 765 17.5 3 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Glen Ey and Glenshee Munros 2775 43 8 -
Glenshee to Mount Keen Glenshee Munros 1690 30 9 -
Glenshee to Mount Keen Tolmount and Tom Buidhe with driesh and Mayar 1350 26 4 -
Glen Garry to Braemar The Cairnwell and Carn Aosda 430 5 2 -
Cairngorms Cairngorm 625 6.5 1 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Carn Liath on Beinn a'Ghlo 640 8 1 -
Glenshee to Mount Keen Mayar and driesh 900 14 2 -
Glenshee to Mount Keen Ben Tirran 675 9 - 1
Glenshee to Mount Keen Lochnagar and around Loch Muick 1280 26 5 1
Glenshee to Mount Keen Above Glen Callater* 1430 35 6 -
Glenshee to Mount Keen Mount Keen* 700 18 1 -
Glenshee to Mount Keen Mount Battock* 700 15 - 1
Glen Garry to Braemar Above Geldie Burn from Linn of Dee* 960 38 2 -
Glen Garry to Braemar Above Geldie Burn from Glen Tilt* 1300 62 2 -
Cairngorms Glen Feshie Munros 1025 21 2 -
Cairngorms Above Glen Einich* 1680 42 2 -
Cairngorms Sgor Gaoith and tops 1000 15 1 -
Cairngorms West of the Lairig Ghru from Linn of Dee* 2000 52 6 -
Cairngorms West of the Lairig Ghru from Glenmore 2150 35 4 -
Cairngorms Sgor Mor* 525 19 - 1
Cairngorms Cairngorm and Macdui Munro group 2725 48 6 -
Cairngorms Bynack More from Glenmore* 850 22 1 -
Cairngorms Ben Avon and neighbours* 1740 35 4 -
Cairngorms Beinn a'Chaorainn and Beinn Bhreac from Derry Lodge * 1000 29 2 -
Cairngorms Ben Avon and Beinn a'Bhuird from Tomintoul * 1600 51 2 -
Cairngorms Geal Charn (Abernethy) 600 16 - 1
Cairngorms The Lecht Corbetts 775 17.5 - 2
Cairngorms Brown Cow Hill 550 15 - 1
Cairngorms Corryhabbie Hill 500 10 - 1
Cairngorms Ben Rinnes 575 7 - 1
Cairngorms Ben Rinnes Hill Race route 1550 22 - 1
Cairngorms Meall a'Bhuachaille 525 9 - 1
+1: path all the way, 2-3: paths most of the way and mainly grass, 4-5: grass with some boulders and steep ground, 6-7: fair amount of scree and boulders
   8: a few sections of rock clambering, 9: tricky sections of scrambling and exposure, 10: very exposed, technical scrambling, climbing and ropework required

* there are tracks decent enough on these routes to enable cycling

Routes without links are under construction and will be on website soon.

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