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Mountain hiking routes on Scotland's Islands

The finest hill-walking and scrambling routes on the mountains in Scotland's Islands.

Hill walking routes in the Islands

Hill walking routes in the Scottish Islands are listed below starting from south and working northwards.

Nearer the bottom of the page is a table to help you find routes by distance, ascent, difficulty of terrain, quality of scenery and even by Munro and Corbett count.

1 - Arran Corbetts

A circuit above Glenrosa in Arran and including Cir Mor and Goatfell. Some scrambling is involved while taking in superb views.

2 - Beinn Bharrain

Quieter hills than the eastern Arran peaks, Beinn Bharrain's long ridges are well worth a visit
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3 - Paps of Jura

Lots of scree and some tricky navigating in mist. A must-do hill race takes place every year
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4 - Ben More on Mull

Ben More is a fine hill with some ridge walking and easy scramble - or just take the 'tourist route' up !

5 - Dun da Ghaoithe

High above Craignuire, Dun da Ghaoithe is easily accessed using tracks. Excellent views.

6 - An Sgurr and Sgurr an Fharaidh, Isle of Eigg

A small island boasts history, geology and green credentials. These two peaks, both craggy with huge drops, are well worth visiting.

7 - Rum Cuillin

More compact than the Skye Cuillin, effort is needed to get to the island and scrambling on the ridges
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8 - Beinn na Caillich circuit

Excellent views combine with fine ridge and scree running to give a superb afternoon out.
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9 - Garbh-bheinn and Belig

Tussocky ground leads to grassy ground higher up and rocky ridges with a wall to follow and superb views.

10 - Blaven and Clach Glas

Reckoned to be one of the most beautiful hills in Scotland, no difficulties getting to the summit

11 - Red Cuillin of Skye

Lots of scree and superb views. When the weather sulks on the Black Cuillin, the Red Cuillin often stays cloud-free !

12 - Skye Cuillin South

Sustained scrambling requiring a good head for heights and some ropework. Finished off with a fine walk by waterfalls

13 - Skye Cuillin North

Sgurr nan Gillean is the finest peak on Skye, Bruache na Frithe is the easiest. Scrambling skills required

14 - Trotternish

Running along a spine of cliffs and hills, this group of routes ends at the spectacularly weird Quiraing.
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15 - Clisham

The highest peak in the Outer Hebrides has relatively straightforward access and stunning views
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Hill routes in the Islands by category

Locate routes by ascent, distance, quality of scenery, effort needed or even Munro and Corbett count using the table below.
Sort multiple columns simultaneously by holding down shift key and clicking a second, third or even fourth column header!

Mountain Area     Route Ascent    
Terrain+ Scenery Munro    
Arran Arran Corbetts 2200 21 - 4
Arran Goatfell tourist route 850 11 - 1
Arran Glenrosa Horseshoe Race 1800 19 - 2
Arran Beinn Bharrain 1025 14 - -
Jura Jura Fell Race 2300 26 - 1
Mull Ben More 965 10 1 -
Mull Ben More via A'Choich 1060 10 1 -
Mull Dun da Gaoithe 900 14.5 - 1
Rum Rum Cuillin 1900 19 - 2
Skye Am Basteir via Coire a'Bhasteir 950 11 1 -
Skye Beinn na Caillich circuit 975 7.5 - 1
Skye Black Cuillin - north 1250 14.5 3 -
Skye Black Cuillin - south 2440 17.5 8 -
Skye Blaven tourist route 930 6.5 1 -
Skye Blaven from the south 1175 12 1 -
Skye Blaven and south top 950 7.5 1 -
Skye Bruach na Frithe from Glenbrittle 875 10 1 -
Skye Glamaig Hill Race 775 6 - 1
Skye In Pinn, Sgurr Mhic Choinnich and Sgurr Alasdair 1675 14 3 -
Skye Red Cuillin - Marsco, Beinn Dearg Mheadhonach, Beinn Dearg Mhor and Glamaig 1700 15 - 1
Skye Sgurr na Banachdich, Greadaidh and Mhadaidh 1525 10 3 -
Skye Sgurr nan Eag and Sgurr Dubh Mor 1350 14 2 -
Skye Sgurr nan Gillean via Pinnacle Ridge 1000 11 1 -
Skye Trotternish 2150 27.5 - -
Skye Belig and Garbh Bheinn 1125 9 - -
Outer Hebrides Clisham 800 8 - 1
Outer Hebrides South Uist's highest peaks 1250 17 - -
Outer Hebrides Ben Kenneth Hill Race 300 5 - -
Outer Hebrides Ben Lee Hill Race 330 8.5 - -
Outer Hebrides Barra's highest peaks 600 7 - -
Eigg An Sgurr on Eigg 410 7.5 - -
Eigg Sgorr an Fharaidh on Eigg 400 6.5 - -
+1: path all the way, 2-3: paths most of the way and mainly grass, 4-5: grass with some boulders and steep ground, 6-7: fair amount of scree and boulders
   8: a few sections of rock clambering, 9: tricky sections of scrambling and exposure, 10: very exposed, technical scrambling, climbing and ropework required

* there are tracks decent enough on these routes to enable cycling

Routes without links are under construction and will be on website soon.

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