Creag an Duine from Seana Bhraigh

Seana Bhraigh

Distinctive Munro east of Loch Broom

Standing in the Inverlael and Freevater wilderness, Seana Bhraigh competes with A' Mhaighdean in Fisherfield for the title of the most remote Munro, its summit overlooking crags and cliffs above Luchd Coire.

Seana Bhraigh

Meaningold height
ListsMunro, 262
LocationInverlael, Freevater and Strathvaich, Loch Broom to Easter Ross
Grid RefNH282879
Lat/Lon57.84717, -4.89746

Seana Bhraigh's southern aspects give the impression of grass-covered rolling hillsides. However, viewed from the north, Seana Bhraigh is a stunning mountain, its summit standing atop a glacially sculpted coire encircling a lost lochan.

Regardless of direction, Seana Bhraigh's remote location means a fair bit of distance will need covered to travel from roadside to the summit. Fortunately cyclable estate tracks penetrate Seana Bhraigh's wild setting, cutting down the effort required to bag this elusive Munro. A detour to the north-eastern summit of Creag an Duine involves some rock-scrambling on loose terrain.

The approach from Oykel Bridge through Strath Mulzie is the easiest approach should you wish to bag Seana Bhraigh on its own or along with the Corbett Carn Ban.

A longer and more satisfying day can be had hiking Seana Bhraigh from Loch Broom and with other Inverlael Munros, giving much scope to extend or shorten the route depending on conditions.

Routes up Seana Bhraigh

Seana Bhraigh from Corriemulzie

Drive down a forestry track, cycle along a quiet glen and hike up grass and heather clad slopes - this is the easiest route up Seana Bhraigh !

Peaks : 1 Munro

Ascent : 930m (3050ft)
Distance : 27km (17m)
Time : 4:30hr

Inverlael Munros

South-east of Ullapool, a network of forestry tracks and old stalkers paths reach into the vast areas of Inverlael, Freevater and Strath Vaich Forests where Beinn Dearg's bouldery, grey dome rises high above neighbouring Munros.

Peaks : 6 Munros

Ascent : 2600m (8530ft)
Distance : 35km (22m)
Time : 13hr

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