Sgurr Gaorsaic and Falls of Glomach

Sgurr Gaorsaic and Falls of Glomach

Hillwalking route from Morvich to Sgurr Gaorsaic and the Falls of Glomach

A hike into the heart of Kintail on well-defined paths leads to a circular route around the slopes of A' Ghlas Bheinn, bags the Corbett Sgurr Gaorsaic and visits the impressive Falls of Glomach.

Route outline


Sgurr Gaorsaic

Ascent 1250m (4100ft)
Distance 23km (14m)
Time 7:50hr
Start/finish Kintail Outdoor Centre, Morvich
Grid Ref : NG960211
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From Kintail Outdoor Centre, a hike through Strath Croe leads to a circular route around the lower slopes of A' Ghlas Bheinn and into the heart of Kintail. On the way, the lonely little grass covered lump of Sgurr Gaorsaic is bagged and the top of the seriously impressive Falls of Glomach is reached.

The journeys in and out are on fine paths and forestry tracks, but there is little in the way of an obvious route to follow over Sgurr Gaorsaic and to the Falls of Glomach. There are a few significant water crossings to make on this circuit, which will be challenging or even impossible to tackle if rivers are in spate.

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Route description

1. Getting to Morvich

Bridge over the Abhainn Chonaig

Bridge over the Abhainn Chonaig

The A87 travels from Invergarry in the Great Glen, north west onto Kyle of Lochalsh and the Isle of Skye. As it descends through Glen Shiel and meets with the head of Loch Duich, the road turns north-east.

As the road approaches a causeway over an inlet at the western end of Strath Croe, there is an unclassified road marked with a sign pointing to Morvich. Turn onto this road and follow it for around 2km to where another junction is marked pointing to the NTS Kintail Outdoor Centre.

Turn up the side road, head to the outdoor centre and park in the large designated parking area by some buildings and information boards. Overnight parking is not permitted here.

There are some more spots to park further along the road, though these are rather limited to verge sides.

2. Sgurr Gaorsaic

On the path through Gleann Choinneachain

On the path through Gleann Choinneachain

Leave the outdoor centre behind and follow the road to its end by a turning circle before a bridge over the River Croe. Cross the bridge, pass a side-road on your right, then shortly after you should find a path marked with a sign showing the way to Glomch Falls and access to the hills.

Now on a rough path, cross through a field, possibly holding livestock, and head through the first of many gates and into woodland. The path wanders alongside the Abhainn Chonaig travels out of the woodland into a field of grass to arrive at a split in the path by a wooden post marking way to the 'Falls' .

Keep right and follow the path as it heads back into woodland and climbs gently into Gleann Choinneachain. The path meets with some old iron posts then the Allt a' Choire Chaoil . In most conditions this should be straightforward to cross, but in spate, may prove challenging and dangerous.

After crossing the Allt a' Choire Chaoil, the path travels uphill to split again, this time by a small cairn. Keep left and follow the path into a narrow gap and up to Bealach an Sgairne .

Out of the other side of Bealach an Sgairne, the path passes some weird landscapes as it drops to the soggy ground by the shores of Loch a' Bhealaich . Leave the path as it turns around the southern end of the loch, cross some grass covered ground and a line of old posts to begin climbing up the south-western slopes of Sgurr Gaorsaic.

After climbing around 200m, a line of old iron fence-posts are met, aside which is a faint path. Follow the posts northwards and onto Sgurr Gaorsaic's flat broad top, pitted with some small lochans and clumps of rock.

As the posts turn east, leave them and you should be able to see a small cairn perched on some rock just to the north. Although this appears to indicate Sgurr Gaorsaic's summit, the OS considers the top to be some rocky ground around 100m further north !

On Sgurr Gaorsaic looking to A' Ghlas Bheinn

On Sgurr Gaorsaic looking to A' Ghlas Bheinn

Although Sgurr Gaorsaic is hemmed in by higher mountains in most directions, views are surprisingly rather fine - the Applecross and Killilan hills in particular are given an excellent show !

On Sgurr Gaorsaic looking to A' Ghlas Bheinn

On Sgurr Gaorsaic looking to A' Ghlas Bheinn

3. Falls of Glomach

Waterfall on the Allt Thuill Easaich

Waterfall on the Allt Thuill Easaich

Keeping well clear of the steep ground to the north of Sgurr Gaorsaic's summit, head north-west over its broad crest and begin losing height down while descending its north-western shoulder. Turning in a more northerly direction, gradient easies and the Allt Thuill Easaich is crossed below some lovely little waterfalls .

Over pathless grass-covered and undulating terrain on the lower land of Gleann Gaorsaic, the Abhainn Gaorsaic is followed downstream and crossed at a convienent point to its western bank.

Following the Abhainn Gaorsaic further as it gradually turns westwards, a path approaching from Bealach na Sroine is met with the Falls of Glomach heard roaring close by.

Falls of Glomach, person on top-right giving perspective

Falls of Glomach, person on top-right giving perspective

Following this path to reach the top of the falls , only does the true spectacle begin to appear, with water falling dramatically into a cup before dropping further into a dark chasm below. The path gets close to the edge and is not for those with an adversion of heights !

Falls of Glomach, person on top-right giving perspective

Falls of Glomach, person on top-right giving perspective

4. Return

High point on Bealach na Sroine

High point on Bealach na Sroine

Re-trace your steps back up the path to the top of the Falls of Glomach, then follow it up grass as it turns south-west. The path becomes rougher and more obvious as it climbs up to its highest point above Bealach na Sroine .

The path crosses the bealach, then drops over the next 2km towards the dense forest plantations of Dorusduain Wood. When reaching the edge of the forestry, a bridge over Allt an Leoid Ghaineamhaich is crossed to meet with the head of a forestry track.

Ignoring any side-tracks, the forestry track is followed southwards for just over 1km. After passing the ruin of an old cottage, look for a gate in a deer-fence off left which leads into some woodland and to a bridge over the Allt Choinneachain .

Track descending to Dorusduain Wood

Track descending to Dorusduain Wood

After crossing the bridge, a path is traced as it travels out of woodland and meets with the 'Falls' wooden post passed earlier in the day.

Track descending to Dorusduain Wood

Track descending to Dorusduain Wood

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